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About Me


I am glad that you are here and thank you so much for stopping by on – a blog which has information and benefits of vegetarian food. It also contains different vegetarian recipes which you can easily try and enjoy.

About myself

I am Prajakta. A Homemaker. An arts graduate, always interested in trying different types of veg food. Being such a foodie girl i am also passionate about cooking varieties of dishes. Most of the recipes i learnt from my mother and from my mother in law. So i always belive in traditional cooking.

Me and my family always prefer home cooked food whether it is Indian curries or fast food. I believe in cooking with fresh ingredients that are easily available everywhere. I avoid using heavily processed food or junk food. As a result we have better health in our family.

As a mother of a 3 yr old toddler now i am also experienced in cooking easy healthy recipes for babies. Eat healthy and stay healthy is my motto.

Indian food is very vast and diverse. There is so much varieties in Indian food that i bet one cannot find such massive varieties in any other country of this world. From simple easy making recipes to complex recipes. From making dal to making biryani . From light meal to full thali meal. so i am going to share my ideas of vegetarian food through this blog.