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21 most famous indian food one must try atleast once in lifetime.

Let’s know about some Famous Indian food

Indian food needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous cuisines. Indian food has been favorite for people all around the world for ages. Once whoever tasted Indian food will never forget the soulful experience. Indian food is rich in spices which are always health beneficial.

Nowadays Indian chefs are famous worldwide. They have opened restaurant chains all over the globe. Not only Indians but people from other countries also enjoy visiting Indian restaurants.  Here in this post of The Vegpage, we have presented you the Most Famous Indian Food list, which one must try at least once in a lifetime.


Indian food has its own identity as street food. Panipuri is the famous Indian food you will find now all over the world. This crunchy and crispy street food is one of the favorites in India. It is known by different names in the different regions of the country which are Panipuri, Gol Gappa, Pani k patashe, etc. Pani puri is the best solution for your mood swings. It is crazily loved by everyone all over the world.

Pani puri tastes the best when you eat from roadside stalls. The filling of boiled chickpeas and mashed potatoes with different flavors with the combination of tangy and sweet or spicy mint-flavored water will make you feel heavenly. it tastes better the spicer it gets. so Pani puri is one of the famous Indian food you should try at least once.


Pao Bhaji

Origin from the Indian state of Maharashtra, Pao bhaji is a phenomenal Indian dish that everyone should try.

Pao bhaji is a combination of a type of bread that looks like a bun and is famously known as Pao in Hindi and a Bhaji which is a Marathi word for vegetable is a mixture of different veggies like capsicum, potatoes, green peas, tomato, etc. as per the choices, which are cooked and smashed together with the famous pao bhaji masala and other different spices and butter. served hot with a layer of butter finely chopped onions and lemon to go with it.

The spicy and tangy flavor just melts in your mouth. Now pao bhaji is famous not only in India but also in different corners of the world. So, Pao Bhaji is a famous Indian food that you must try at least once.

famous indian food

Idli Sambar



The most famous south Indian dish you will love to eat. This dish is crispy and looks like pancakes. Mostly served with coconut chutney and sambar. Rice, some fenugreek seeds, and Black gram daal is soaked overnight and ground. the batter is made which is kept for the fermentation process. after fermentation batter is ready to make delicious dosas. Along with the Idlis, one should try dosa as well.


The most popular South Asian snack is none other than samosa. This lip-smacking recipe is now easily available worldwide. Samosa is made up of maida which is stuffed with potatoes, peas, and some other optional veggies. It is dip fried and served with tamarind chutney, green chutney, etc. some people love to have samosas with curd as well. some dishes which are very famous and made with samosa are Dahi samosa and samosa chaat. samosa is a must-try famous Indian food.

Chole bhature

Gulab jamun


Khaman Dhokla

Vada pao







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